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This forum is for all neko role players who are looking for a place to call home. Come play as a Neko, whether it be a cat, dog/wolf, rabbit, fox, ect.
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri May 05, 2017 11:58 pm

General Rules

1) Roleplaying Rules

This is the term used to describe typed out actions by individuals that makes other characters do or say things that's unlike them, and/or without their consent. You are not allowed to force any character you do not own to perform any action without their consent. Per example, if Emblem was fighting Krious, I would not be allowed to let Krious say things ('Rainbows make me cry') or be automatically hit by my attacks.
This term has a slight overlap with Godmodding, but it's meaning is slightly different. While we try to keep a balance in characters to make sure there's still some growth possible and there's no unfair edge they can have, there will always be situations where one character is stronger then the other. Powerplaying basically is a series of actions done by your characters that completely dominates or obliterates your opponent, such as beating them down without any possible escape, defensive mechanism or counterattack possible. Again, without consent of your opponent. Whatever you attempt, your opponent must have the ability to react or do something.

This term and Rhinohiding are almost direct opposites of Powerplaying and Godmodding, but they are still quite illegal regarding roleplay activities. Ninjadodging refers to a character dodging everything that is thrown at him, time and time again. I would not think any opponent would still want to RP with such an adversary after two posts of Ninjadodging, but it's unrealistic as well. No character can see every attack coming, and dodge every single one of them, possibly even counter-attacking.

This term is almost the same as Ninjadodging. It's where a character either takes all the attacks thrown at him (and not even be fazed, nor have any damage) or hides behind objects such as walls or cars to shield himself from all of it.

It's logical not to allow any form of these abusive roleplaying styles. Would we catch any of you, or would any member report of it, the punishment will be high. If that would not be enough, the community will not like any roleplayer who employs such tactics. The following rules are quite minor, but important nonetheless.

-Your character may be in as much threads as possible, but needs to know which one happened first. Messing up the chronological order would be quite sad.
-When in mortal danger if the death is 100% unavoidable then your character will die. There is no amping powers or suddenly breaking the rules of the roleplay to save yourself. If there was no way to know of the danger, then circumstances can be altered to avoid death. If you overextend your character they can be freely killed.
-Keep any topic, language, and swearing PG-13.

More rules may be added if the need for them arises.

2) Chatbox rules

The rules are short, simple, and easy to follow. So you really have no excuse for failing to do so.

- Don't harass other members. You may talk about generally whatever you want with the exceptions named, but if it becomes a problem and they tell you to stop, do so or continue it via pm. Obviously, flaming is also a no-no and if everyone in the CB is speaking on the subject, but you yourself are having issue with what's being discussed, please relocate yourself until the subject ends. We are not going to punish 14 people over 1 persons disposition, so it it's better if you just exit until the subject is done being discussed unless it's offensive and breaks site rules, then by all means report it.

- Keep it clean. If you are cursing to an extent you will be kicked, if you return and continued there will be a two hour temporary ban. No exceptions.

- A little flirting or whatever is fine, but cybering is a big, big problem. If I catch ANYONE cybering in the cbox, BOTH parties will be banned immediately from the cbox for a duration of three days. No questions asked, take it to PM or do a scene skip, but NO DETAILS!

- Keep religious discussion to minimum or take it to PM. Sorry, we may have a whole lot of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Atheists etc on here and we all have our beliefs and practices and no one has any right to criticize them. Some people are more sensitive than others, so even if you say say something you don't deem offensive, it might be so to another person.

Now there is an exception when it comes to roleplay,if it ties in with your character, that is perfectly fine!

- Keep everything PG-13. You should all know what that means.

- The user of the account through which any of the above rules were violated, is at all times responsible of anything that occurs with his/her account. Hackers, little brothers, silly kittens, possessing Symbiotes, or mysterious glitches are not any excuse.

- Most important, have fun, even while chatting! That's the point of this RPG, and by extension the cbox, and that's why we're all here! Don't hamper other people's fun. Someone who isn't having fun isn't someone who wants to stay here. In other words, don't complain about your real life issues every other day in the chatbox and continuously bring down the mood of others. We feel bad for you, but still, no one wants to read that everyday. If it's something serious, pm a close friend to try to help you out.

2) Rules on general behavior

Unfortunately, every website has to have one of these parts. Rules on general behavior regarding members and their interactions. Simply pointing to common sense would not be enough in this case, which forces us to write down a few simple things you need to keep in mind. There's an overlap with the Chatbox rules, logically. More rules can be added if the need for them arises.

Rules regarding interaction with other members:

- This is not a dating site for the members to hook up. Keep it to pm's if you're going to.

– Be polite. If you know others personally, they will understand all things you say, but on sites such as TTRPG, you meet a lot of strangers, and all you know about them is their preferred nicknames/account name. Don't be a jerk on your first trip to the Chatbox or any thread. In character is one thing, out of character is another.

– Do not harass other members. If members do not want to talk in the Chatbox, or do not feel like Pming, do not harass or flame them for this. Each member has his or her own life to attend to. Likewise, do not bury them in endless PM's when they do not reply within 24 hours on any PM or thread you posted in. However, if they are blowing you off don't feel any loyalty to them.

-After 48 hours, feel free to skip the user and if you stated they would be skipped at the beginning of the thread if they didn't respond within a certain time do it, by all means that's on them, but still try to be patient and lenient.

– Discussions are alright in general, but do not start pointless discussions time and time again, and do not start these within threads. Take it to an appropriate place, such as the Chat Room sub-board. Basically, stay on subject, OCC & OT ruin the flow of rps.

Rules regarding interactions with the Moderators and Administrators:

– The Moderators and Administrators have the right to point you at the Forumotion Terms of Service accepted when creating your account or any other ruling stated in this rulebook or elsewhere.

– If a Moderators sees any unjust action, he or she has the right to correct it even if the action was not yet spoken about in the rulebook. They will then proceed to contact the Administrator to add a rule correcting this.

– Moderators and Administrators have the right to edit any content on this site, including but not limited to any profiles, avatars, rules, and signatures.

– Unless clearly stated they allow this, no verdict made by a Moderator or Administrator may be up for discussion. If you really think a decision they made is unjust, PM the appropriate Moderator or Administrator and carefully explain why. If they feel your reasoning is valid, they will undo their decision. If not, then you can approach a higher up, but MAKE SURE your reasoning is valid. Basically, don't waste our time. However, most of the moderators are pretty decent individuals.

– The Moderators and Administrators at TTRPG strive to create a suitable environment for everyone to roleplay in. Respect their decisions, as sometimes, this means a little taking and giving. We want everyone to be satisfied, and have reasons behind everything we do. Moderators and Administrators however, will not voice those reasons every time it is asked for, especially not after they have already done it once or twice. We have no need to fully explain ourselves. Trust us! And keep an open mind.

– Misinterpretation of anything typed by a Moderator or Administrator is not their error, but those who misinterpreted the information unless a spelling/grammatical error occurred. Make sure to carefully read their posts.

– Decisions made by Moderators can only be revoked by the same Moderator, or the Administrator. So do not try telling a moderator of the same standing if you do not get your way on something.

Do keep in mind the Moderators and Administrators are here to help. Contrary to popular belief, they are human. You can ignore personal advises about your character, but every official command they give is to be followed. Don't worry, they're not too bad, they only bark if you behave and only bite if you don't. Talking to them in a formal manner will probably pay off more then the usual internet slang that appears everywhere. They are not paid, they are here to have fun just like you.

Respect is key here, if you show it to us, we will return it and then some.

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General Rules
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